6 Reasons Why Grain Auditors Appreciate AGRIS

Folks in the grain business are no stranger to working with their state auditors, but did you know that Greenstone Systems actually works closely with state and national grain regulatory organizations to ensure your software meets their auditing and reporting requirements? After all, agribusiness software should not only make running your day-to-day business easier, but make auditor visits easier on you as well.

Take a look at the top six reasons why grain auditors appreciate AGRIS, the complete grain management system that has been trusted by originators, merchandisers, accountants, and auditors for over 40 years.

#1 Because AGRIS is a popular and well-known grain elevator software system, auditors are familiar with it and run into it often.

#2 AGRIS has an established and proven integration to the AGRO EDI.

#3 Greenstone provides easy to access online documentation on how to set up AGRIS to feed the AGRO EDI.

#4 AGRIS provides consistent information and reporting capabilities to auditors, no matter what the size of the agribusiness.

#5 Greenstone participates in the AGRO conference to maintain relationships and keep an ear open to any new needs or requirements.

#6 Auditors know that Greenstone is committed to bringing efficiency to its customers and reducing compliance and examination efforts.

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