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Is your ag software partner supporting you?

How is your ag software partner supporting your agribusiness? Often, we don’t think to take a step back and think about answering this question. Today, take time to ask yourself the following questions about your ag software partner. 

Does your ag software partner have hidden support fees?

Undoubtedly, hidden support fees from your software provider can adversely affect your agribusiness. To mitigate this, it is advisable to collaborate with a software partner who is upfront about what is covered in your maintenance and support license versus what is deemed as billable work. As a result, hidden fees create unforeseen expenses, disrupt your financial projections, not to mention strain your budget. In this case, if your company is paying undisclosed support fees, it may be time to explore alternative ag software solutions. 

Does your ag software partner offer free releases?

Naturally, when you invest in software upgrades at your agribusiness, you are making an investment for future success. As you know, by staying current with the latest technology, you can enhance your competitive edge and streamline your operations. Ultimately, your software partner wants you to enhance your system and use the newest software that’s available to your agribusiness. Needless to say, there shouldn’t be any charge associated with utilizing the most recent version. Nonetheless, if your software provider is charging your agribusiness for the latest release, then it may be time to talk to an ag software partner that doesn’t sneak in hidden fees. 

Does your ag software partner offer optimal customer support?

Simply put, your software customer support team should provide your employees with timely assistance, tailored to your agribusiness’ specific needs. In turn, you have confidence knowing that when your agribusiness needs software assistance, you have an onshore customer support team you can rely on and trust. In addition to emailing or calling customer support, what other support tools does your ag software partner provide? 


Online Support Tools 

Ideally, your software partner should provide online support tools to your agribusiness. 

      • Online knowledge base that houses customer documentation, step-by-step processes, and how-to-guides 
      • On-demand webinars that are educational and insightful system-learning videos 
      • Monthly quick tips that are a small, bite-sized system process sent via email 

By offering these additional support services, your software partner is empowering your employees to leverage the tools to their advantage. As a result, giving them support at their fingertips. 

Can your ag software partner support a digital experience?

Let’s face it, digitalization is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in the ag industry. With this in mind, how is your current software partner supporting your digitalization strategy? More specifically, what tools does your software partner have available that cater and support your agribusiness’s digital customer experience? 

Digital Customer Experience 

Above all, your software partner should equip you with successful tools to support your agribusiness’s digital customer experience. Here are examples of digital customer experience tools that your software partner can provide: 

      • Email customers an electronic statement for streamlined billing 
      • App for customers to access their account anytime, anywhere 
      • Electronic signature for customers to sign contracts quickly 
      • Automate SMS messages to keep your customers informed 

How well is your ag software partner supporting you?

Most likely, the top goals for your agribusiness are to increase productivity and profitability. If your ag software partner is falling short of what is needed for your business to be successful, then it may be time to start looking into your options. Simply put, support from your ag software partner is essential for staying competitive and thriving in the evolving digital landscape.  

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