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Support Case Workflow

To fully support your agribusiness, Greenstone Support Team triages each support case upon receiving. Then, Greenstone Technical Specialists undergo an investigation of the case, resolving the issue as soon as possible. In the event they are unsuccessful, they pass the case to a Technical Expert. Greenstone Customer Support Team works directly with Development to create JIRAs, when necessary.

Greenstone Support Process

For Optimal Customer Support Experience

Checklist When Creating a Case

How many users are affected by the issue?
When did the problem begin?
Has this issue happened before? If so, when & provide details?
What version of software are you on?
What are the exact steps you took to produce the issue? (Provide screenshots)
What steps have you taken to try to resolve the issue yourself?






The answers to these questions will help Customer Support better triage your issue in a timely manner.

Customer Support Tips

Call 800-366-2474 when you experience a SEVERE impact to your workflow. Example “System Down”

Provide an assessment on how the issue is impacting your business.

Provide as many details as possible about the issue you are experiencing when creating the case.

Provide screenshots when appropriate.

Provide step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue.

How to Contact Greenstone Support

To submit a case to Greenstone Support, you can either send an email or call. Please provide all the details of the issue you are experiencing to help us to better understand your case.

Call Support


Tips for Optimal Experience

In most scenarios, providing screenshots helps Greenstone Customer Support understand what you are experiencing. It is important to include “View Details” content.

Provide a Screenshot of the Following:

  • Error message or window you are referencing
  • Whole screen (to better determine where you are in the application)
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue
  • Receiving an Error Message? Include the “View Details” in your case description/screenshot

Greenstone Support Case