System Health Check

Run your business to its fullest potential with a System Health Check

It’s time to consider a System Health Check for your agribusiness – so it can run to its fullest potential. When your organization first got on your current system, was your business the same size? Something to note is that the system that you are on has made changes over time, just like your agribusiness. New enhancements and improvements have been made to the system. Do you know if your agribusiness is running on the current version of the software? If you are not sure, you could be doing more harm than good. Can your company afford that? 

What is a System Health Check?

A Systems Health Check is an examination of your entire company. This examination consists of a total of three days being onsite at your agribusiness. First, are two days of departmental evaluations from a member of our team. This helps our team collect and interpret data throughout your entire agribusiness objectively. Then on the third day, our team helps your organization implement quick wins. In addition, our team works closely with your team on setting up goals, while recommending additional steps and processes to achieve them. 

Successful System Health Check Uncovers

  • Current company practices 
  • Data sets 
  • Current company configuration and versions 
  • Overall employee productivity 
  • Overall employee knowledge 

How Does it Work?

An important part of an effective System Health Check is to gather all employees together and have an organic discussion— allowing all employees to have free-flowing conversations. This uncovers the differences in policy and protocol between departments within your organization. Providing employees with a space to share concerns and ideas in an informal way increases camaraderie and helps the team work together to build consistent and more efficient processes. 

Identify the unknowns

By identifying the “unknowns” in your employees’ knowledge, an opportunity exists to fill in those gaps. A System Health Check allows you to see these gaps. In fact, you can accomplish obtaining documentation of your policies and best practices for training and cross-training when you conduct a System Health Check. Thus, your agribusiness can maintain consistent processes, which ultimately improves the flow of your data. This is especially important when you have turnover in your business or when a veteran employee retires from your organization.  

Crucial Time to Conduct a System Health Check

Even the most efficient companies can benefit from a System Health Check. Undergoing a System Health Check prior to a merger uncovers inconsistent practices and minor discrepancies among the different company departments. When both companies undergo a Systems Health Check it establishes consistency across both organizations, which maintains the data integrity for both agribusinesses involved in the merger. 

Is Your Agribusiness Ready for a System Health Check?

Processes are important to your agribusiness. By completing a System Health Check, you ensure that your agribusiness’s processes, procedures, and data integrity are in place for the future. Taking the time now mitigates headaches for you and your employees throughout the year. Give your employees the proper tools, policies, and documentation to be successful in your business. 

Conduct a System Health Check today!

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