When we started developing MyGrower as a grain accounting solution in early 2016, we agreed on a set number of requirements for the product. We added additional features and specifically built a portal to go along with the mobile piece of MyGrower.  We thought we had hit a home run.  However, just as things can and will change in our personal lives, the needs and wants of a business can also change.  How Greenstone responded to these needs set the tone for our MyGrower initiative.

I heard from a MyGrower grain accounting customer that they were acquiring new locations, and that new customers were coming to AGRIS™.  Their new customers (growers) were also using a portal application to run a proof of yield report. Could MyGrower do the same thing? At the time, the answer was “no”.  This set the stage for our team to put on our “thinking caps” and solve the problem.

There were several options put on the table. We tried running an AGRIS report stream with a daily proof of yield report that could be emailed to the customer, but that involved too much human interaction (not automated).  We also considered a solution that would run reports in MyGrower based on its access to the SQL database.  As we continued to brainstorm, our developers came up with a way for MyGrower to access graphic reports in AGRIS. This process could be initiated by the grower to run the proof of yield. MyGrower users choose the parameters and click on “Run”, MyGrower is able to run the graphic report in AGRIS.  The report is then presented to the grower on their mobile device or desktop.

The great news about this solution is that it can be used to add additional reports to MyGrower.  We are currently working on several other reports to help our customers and their growers.   One such report is an open sales order report that shows the grower how many sales orders they have open, how many have had an invoice applied, and the remaining balance of each.  This report will allow their customers to access answers they are searching for, and free up the office staff to concentrate on other areas of work.

In visiting with growers, I learned there are other reports they would like from MyGrower.  “What kind of payout can I expect in January?”, “How many settlements did I have in 2016?”.  Using the same structure as the proof of yield report, MyGrower will be able to add reports with some minor development on the backend.

Look for more reports in 2017!