oneWeigh Scale Automation

oneWeigh Scale Automation

oneWeigh is a set of practical automation solutions for shipping and receiving processes at your facility.

It’s critical to determine which automation tool or solution will work best at your facility. There are scale automation solutions in the industry that require you to adopt an entire set of tools, instead of allowing you to integrate only what you need. With oneWeigh’s practical automation approach, you will save money by only adopting automated solutions that your facility will utilize and benefit from.

Learn how our oneWeigh team can provide practical automation recommendations that bring the most value to your facility.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying:

“OneWeigh reduced errors in our business. We have also added RFID and kiosks, where trucks can weigh in and out unattended. It really brought a lot of efficiencies to our operation and reduced errors. It has also helped us to grow our company.” Ryan Carwell, Vice President at Poinsett Rice and Grain, Inc.

Included in Standard License

Pit Monitor

Pit Monitor transmits load information from scale house to receiving pit, displaying the information in a digital grid format that can be accessed anywhere within the facility.

Signature Pad

Signature Pad captures a digital signature and applies the signature to a scale ticket or document when a driver’s signature or an authorized signature is mandatory.

Data Replication Service

Data Replication Service is the automatic sync of data from AGRIS to remote oneWeigh workstations, without interrupting the user and provides constant, reliable data flow.

Inventory Interface

Inventory Interface electronically creates delivery tickets and processes sales orders for bulk products. This interface also provides a weighing program for anhydrous tanks.

Extended Options

Grading Interface

Grading Interface automatically applies analytical grading equipment results to the scale ticket and load documentation.

Message Board Interface & App

A message board conveys a driver’s next move and unloading instructions. The Message Board App displays information onto a kiosk or monitor screen.

Pit Commander

Pit Commander transmits load information to any monitor or tablet from the scale house to receiving pit or where the load information needs to transmit to. Pit Commander is an extension of Pit Monitor.

Biometric Security

Biometric Security Scanner interface expedites sign-on processes for authorized personnel with finger-print verification.

Flow Meter

Flow Meter is a business management system for ethanol facilities, that can be used at unattended or attended loadout operations.

RFID Tag Reader

An electronic scan triggers automated actions when the RFID tag is read, and automatically pulls up customer or ticket information in the system.

Driver’s License Scanner

Driver’s License Scanner quickly and easily captures a valid driver’s name and records it directly to the scale ticket.

Driver Self Check-In

Driver Self Check-In captures information from the driver to the scale house. This expedites check-in on the scale or before the truck arrives at the scale, starting a ticket in oneWeigh.

PLC Interface

PLC Interface provides the ability to share data – including commodity, weight, and grades from a ticket in process with other plant systems, such as a PLC or scale indicator.


AttachOne aids in simplifying processes of finding and retaining related internal or external documents to a ticket. Digital document storage solution that attaches third-party documentation to a scale ticket.