AGRIS Detox Program

Over the past 40 years, AGRIS has gone through quite the evolution. Not only from a functionality and growth standpoint, but from a branding perspective as well. Here you can see some of the many logos that have graced the AGRIS system over years.

Two parts of our strategy for continued success are to invest prudently in our core products and to enable our customers to maximize value from their investment in our solutions. It is because of those two items that we developed our vitally important Detox system in an effort to keep our customers efficient (and happy!). Here are the details:

WHO conducts the Detox?

Greenstone’s Professional Services Team

WHAT exactly is the Detox system?

A holistically approached on-site visit performed by our Professional Services team. During this visit, the team collects and evaluates certain data in order to identify and rectify inconsistencies and inefficiencies regarding how your business utilizes AGRIS.

WHERE does this occur?

At your place of business. We come to you!

WHEN can my business do this?

At your convenience. Just keep in mind that the team’s calendar typically books two to three months out, depending on the season.

WHY would we want to Detox?

You should consider our Detox if:

  1. You haven’t had anyone from the Greenstone team on-site in the past three to five years
  2. You are considering purchasing a new company or new line of business
  3. You feel like you are doing more things outside of AGRIS versus inside of AGRIS

HOW can I get more information about pricing and booking?

Reach out to your representative asap! They will be happy to provide you with more information about the system and current booking status.