CINCH Agribusiness Solution

CINCH is the premier agribusiness solution that leverages the power of the Microsoft Dynamics GP financial platform. Under the hood, it is stacked with powerful functionality that is specifically designed to handle mission-critical transactions for millers and processors of grains, seeds, and pulses.

How it Works

The CINCH AgriSuite is a series of mix-and-match modules that can be combined to deliver perfectly tailored, customizable solutions for the grain and seed-based agribusiness. The suite of modules includes CINCH Grain Processing, CINCH Sales, CINCH Seed, CINCH Grain, and CINCH Wholesale Fertilizer.

    • The CINCH Grain Processing module is specifically designed for milling companies. This processing-oriented module aids in managing all aspects of the business from scale to finished product, including reporting and tracking of by-products, as well as risk management.
    • The CINCH Sales module gives companies streamlined tools to better anticipate and meet their consumers’ needs. Every aspect of a customer-facing/counter sales experience is addressed, from payment processing and daily sales reports, to account/invoice creation and product returns.
    • CINCH Seed is a full-featured, interactive solution that can manage all aspects of the seed lifecycle including lot tracking and lot analysis.
    • CINCH Grain is a comprehensive module that allows an agribusiness a variety of toolsets such as methods to enter customized contracts with growers, the ability to price sales contracts by load or quantity, and much more. This is in addition to the potential to integrate with popular pricing sites and the ability to import/export large numbers of transactions such as rail tickets or invoices.
    • CINCH Wholesale Fertilizer is designed to work seamlessly with our other programs as a niche feature for bulk fertilizer purchasing and sales distribution, as well as prepay and inventory long/short reporting.

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