oneWeigh Freight Dispatch

Freight Dispatching System

Manage Freight and Dispatch with oneWeigh Freight Dispatch

oneWeigh Freight Dispatch, formerly known as oneFreight is a transportation management system (TMS) and freight dispatching system for grain elevators and processing facilities. With this system, you can automate and manage your freight and dispatch processes with ease. Get rid of the hassle and challenges of managing these processes with spreadsheets. oneWeigh Freight Dispatch fully integrates with AGRIS and oneWeigh, so you can seamlessly create a dispatch order for the shipper.  

With this integration, you can create a dispatch order for the shipper from any grain contract within AGRIS. If you do not have an associated grain contract, you can create a FOB dispatch order. Overall, oneWeigh Freight Dispatch ensures accurate payment and billing to help you accurately capture and analyze your freight costs with ease. 

oneWeigh Freight Dispatch

helps you:

oneFreight financial processes

Streamlines financial processes  

AGRIS oneWeigh integration

Integrates with AGRIS and oneWeigh 

unique load number

Links each load with a unique number 

freight invoices

Compare origin vs. destination weights and grades

reconciles transfers

Automatically reconciles transfers 

freight dispatching system oneWeigh Freight Dispatch

Automate processes with oneWeigh Freight Dispatch

oneWeigh Freight Dispatch grain dispatching system reduces workload at your company by automating processes. It eliminates errors from manual entry when paying the freight. In addition, it offers a quick turnaround on freight payables. oneWeigh Freight Dispatch is a premier grain dispatching system for sales and purchase contracts, and intercompany transfers. 


See oneWeigh Freight Dispatch for yourself

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Kyle Kaup, Agtegra
“oneFreight, a Greenstone Systems solution, has helped us streamline the transfer process by minimizing inputs from both the outbound and inbound locations and by providing immediate reconciliation for each transfer as it reaches its respective inbound location. The oneFreight transportation management system has been an essential tool in automating and managing the freight and dispatch process, and has further optimized our business by integrating and running in conjunction with oneWeigh and binSight. oneFreight was rolled out company-wide with continued enhancements to provide us with the best hands-on user experience.”

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