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Scale Automation System

oneWeigh scale automation system is a practical software solution for shipping and receiving processes at agribusiness facilities. Namely, it keeps scale traffic moving and expedites billing. Not to mention, it’s a practical automation software that integrates seamlessly with AGRIS. Plus, it will save your agribusiness money, speed up your truck processing time, eliminate manual entry errors, and much more.


In fact, no matter your facility layout, process, or expansion plans, oneWeigh offers practical automation solutions. Therefore, you only need to adopt the solutions and features that make the most sense at your facility. Proof of this, our team can help you determine which level of automation is practical at your facility. In many instances, facilities make only a few small automation adjustments and in turn, they are able to increase their truck processing time by 30 seconds.

oneWeigh scale automation

Scale Automation System helps you:

Save Time oneWeigh scale automation system

Save Time

Eliminate repetitive jobs and manual data inputs
oneWeigh Improve Profits

Improve Profits

Reduce overtime labor by automating repetitive jobs

Semi OneWeigh

Keep Trucks Moving

Provides a smooth driver experience at your facility

oneWeigh Eliminate Errors

Eliminate Error

Automating processes eliminates data entry errors

oneWeigh Data Sync

Data Sync

Ticket and load info syncs with your ERP

Standard and Extended Options

Generally speaking, your agribusiness can adopt a scale automation system in stages at your commodity shipping and receiving facilities. In this case, this approach allows for incremental changes instead of sudden overhauls. Download the information sheet on oneWeigh’s scale automation system to get a better understanding of the included and extended options.

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Ready to Automate your Facility?

In a nutshell, implementing the oneWeigh scale automation system can improve operational processes, making your facility run more smoothly. And let’s be honest, think of the excitement your employees will have when they can get home sooner each night during harvest. Finally, if you are ready to discover more about oneWeigh and see it in action, complete the form and one of our scale automation experts will be in touch with you.

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