oneFreight: Grain Dispatching System

Fully integrates with AGRIS and oneWeigh

oneFreight is the premier grain dispatching system for sales, purchasing contracts, and intercompany transfers.

oneFreight Truck Scale automation

Featuring full integration with both AGRIS and oneWeigh, the oneFreight transportation management system is the most effective way to dispatch trucks within grain operations.

  • Remove operational guesswork as all contract details associated with each truck are linked to the unique load number generated by oneFreight
  • Save time by eliminating the need to create two tickets in AGRIS and overwrite the weights and grades on each ticket
  • Easily create freight vouchers and invoices directly from oneFreight since all payment details are already in the system

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Kyle Kaup, Agtegra
“oneFreight, a Greenstone Systems solution, has helped us streamline the transfer process by minimizing inputs from both the outbound and inbound locations and by providing immediate reconciliation for each transfer as it reaches its respective inbound location. The oneFreight transportation management system has been an essential tool in automating and managing the freight and dispatch process, and has further optimized our business by integrating and running in conjunction with oneWeigh and binSight. oneFreight was rolled out company-wide with continued enhancements to provide us with the best hands-on user experience.”