AGRIS turns 40 in 2019 - Grain Accounting Software

40 years ago, one man with a passion for production agriculture created AGRIS — a powerful and innovative grain accounting solution. Over the past four decades, the AGRIS team has continued to grow and innovate. We honor the AGRIS legacy by keeping our boots on the ground and fingers on the pulse of agribusiness.

With a classic exterior, AGRIS continues to be the system that leaders in agribusiness turn to for dependability, profitability, and growth. But under the hood lies the innovative, cutting-edge technology that is continuously evolving to keep AGRIS users miles ahead of the competition.

AGRIS has always done more than just keep the pace. AGRIS leads the way.

AGRIS is now available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store. Learn more at, or email us at to schedule a demo.