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Set New Year’s Resolutions for Your Agribusiness and Keep Them!

Every year, New Year’s Resolutions are made. However, the majority of people and businesses are not successful with their resolutions. Naturally, we have high hopes for our resolutions. When in fact, the resolutions are not attainable. This year, make New Year’s Agribusiness Resolutions that both you and your business can achieve.


Here are 2 great Agribusiness Resolutions to set this year:


1. Decrease employee overtime

2. Manage documents better


Learn how to set up your agribusiness to achieve these resolutions in the new year.

Resolution_Decrease Employee Overtime

Agribusiness Resolution #1: Decrease Employee Overtime

Overtime is inevitable for any business. The fact of the matter is, you can make small adjustments to decrease employee overtime. Do you want to know how? Adopt a document management system, to electronically capture documents. The digital document storage management solution creates an electronic folio for each ticket. The document syncs with AGRIS and oneWeigh in near-real-time.


When you or one of your employees look for a bill of lading for a ticket, you won’t have to leave your desk. The documents are attached directly to the ticket at the time of the transaction. Whether you are at the home office during an audit or at your location 2 hours away, you can access documents that were saved for every single ticket. Imagine the time you will save by not tracking down paper documentation! In fact, you won’t have piles of work waiting for you to manually file or staple to paper tickets. Rather, you can go home earlier each day because you electronically managed the documentation during each transaction.

Resolution_Manage Documents Better

Agribusiness Resolution #2: Manage Documents Better

Typically, resolutions range from having a better organization system to having less clutter. An important thing to consider is that you should adopt a document management system that is easy to use. In addition, the system should have easy adoption. Otherwise, you and your agribusiness will not end up keeping your resolution throughout the year.


A way for you to manage your documents better is by adopting an electronic document management system. When storing documents traditionally in a file cabinet, you can’t always track down the document. Sometimes the document is on someone else’s desk, or it could be filed with the incorrect ticket.


When audit time rolls around, your files are precisely where they need to be – attached to the ticket. You can store single or multiple files to a ticket with just one click. Then, when you print the scale ticket, the attachments print too. That way, even if you print something, everything is all together.

The Solution to Your Agribusiness’s Resolutions

This year, achieve your New Year’s Resolution with AGRIS Document Management. The document storage solution supports AGRIS and oneWeigh systems, along with other 3rd party solutions. Given these points, you can decrease employee overtime and manage documents better with ONE solution. Now, that’s a win, win!

Take the Next Step Towards Achieving Your Resolutions!

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