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Grower App and Web Portal

MyGrower is a digital solution technology that empowers farmers to manage their agribusiness needs at all levels of the supply chain in a single, easy-to-use experience. As a retail origination enablement tool, MyGrower’s grower app and web portal give your growers access to vital, real-time account information. Giving them the ability to perform their business digitally.  Because of this, MyGrower users spend less time in the office and more time on the farm.
MyGrower grower app

Grower App and Web Portal helps you with:

MyGrower ACH Payments


Receive invoices & statements, make or schedule payments, view prepays & bookings
MyGrower Integrations


Display up-to-the-minute AGRIS info to your growers and get current cash bids & futures prices from Barchart, DTN, or RJO Hrvyst

MyGrower real-time data


Growers can run, print, and save proof of yield reports
MyGrower Digital Signature


Digitally sign documents with a click and track contract progress
MyGrower Digital solution


Initiate contracts by submitting market offers or modifying existing
MyGrower Mobile App

Grower-facing mobile features

The market for grower-facing mobile platforms is ever-expanding. But, there is only one grower app that is made to work seamlessly with AGRIS. No other grower-facing application has two-way communication to AGRIS like MyGrower. With a real-time feed into AGRIS, your growers will have the ability to see cash bids and futures, as well as manage offers. Furthermore, MyGrower can save your agribusiness both time and money by allowing your business to be as mobile as your growers.

Available MyGrower Subscriptions

Learn more about the subscriptions available for the MyGrower App. The subscriptions will help you decide what will work best for your agribusiness. With MyGrower, you can deploy your own corporately branded mobile app. In addition, you are able to make multiple customizations to fit your businesses’ needs.

Take The Next Step To Adopt a Grower App

Take your time back and increase efficiency and communication with your growers with MyGrower. Request a demo and a member of our trusted team will be in contact with you soon.
MyGrower grower app

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