Why MyGrower is a “No Brainer” for AGRIS customers

The market for grower-facing mobile platforms is ever-expanding, but there is only one that is made to work seamlessly with AGRIS and AGRIS alone, and that is MyGrower. No other grower-facing application has access to AGRIS like MyGrower does.


When it comes to choosing a grower-facing app to implement into their business, the decision is truly a “no brainer” for AGRIS customers, and here’s why:

1.   It’s the only app on the market with real-time feed into AGRIS.

Data flows both in AND out of AGRIS via MyGrower, keeping customers operating in real-time and at max efficiency 24/7.

2.   Elevators can leverage the ACH payment functionality two ways.

Customers can allow payments to come into AGRIS from MyGrower as payments on hold (unapplied), or can have payments automatically apply in AGRIS.

COMING SOON: The ability for growers to pay per invoice

3.   Open communication with our Product Manager is the norm.

MyGrower’s Product Manager and supporting development team know their customers on a first name basis and work every day to improve the functionality of the app to best suit their business.

4.   MyGrower is in a constant state of R&D, solely for AGRIS customers.

With a team of dedicated product specialists and developers behind it, MyGrower has continued to add new features and functionalities by way of bi-monthly releases, with no customer intervention needed.

5.   Growers can run up to six reports with ease, and view or print PDF documents from AGRIS.

MyGrower gives you real-time access to a wide variety of business-critical documents with a just a few clicks. PDF documents include: scale tickets, contracts, settlements, invoices and statements.


For more information about the additional functionalities, pricing, and support of MyGrower, please visit greenstonesystems.com/for-growers, or contact your Greenstone Account Manager.