Retail Origination Enablement Tool

The market for grain origination enablement tools and mobile apps is ever-expanding. To be honest, there is only one that is made to work seamlessly with AGRIS, and that is MyGrower. No other grain origination enablement tool has two-way integration with AGRIS like MyGrower. 


MyGrower – Grain Origination Enablement Tool

When it comes to choosing a grower-facing app to implement into their business, the decision is truly a “no brainer” for AGRIS customers, and here’s why: 

1.   It’s the only grain origination enablement tool on the market with real-time feed into AGRIS.

Data flows both in AND out of AGRIS via MyGrower, keeping customers operating in real-time and at max efficiency 24/7.


2.   Elevators can leverage MyGrower in many ways (here’s three).

  • Customers enter and view offers with MyGrower. Hrvyst automatically manages those offers. Filled offers from Hryvst automatically flow into AGRIS as contracts.  
  • Growers have the ability to request settlements using MyGrower. 
  • Push notifications to growers quickly with in-app messages and notifications.  


3.   Ability to see Cash Bids and Futures

Directly on the app, your growers can view futures, prices and cash bids at each of your locations. Along with this, they have access to their transactions and balances. Your agribusiness can show growers your current truck scale line.


4.   MyGrower is in a constant state of R&D, solely for AGRIS customers.

With a team of dedicated product specialists and developers behind it, MyGrower has continued to add new features and functionalities by way of bi-monthly releases, with no customer intervention needed.


5.   Growers can run reports with ease and view or print PDF documents from AGRIS.

MyGrower gives you real-time access to a wide variety of business-critical documents with a just a few clicks. This saves your agribusiness time from not pulling reports and giving them to your growers. 

PDF documents include:

  • proof of yield
  • scale tickets
  • contracts
  • settlements
  • invoices
  • statements


How to adopt MyGrower, a Grain Origination Enablement Tool

For more information about the additional functionalities, pricing, and support of MyGrower, please visit  If your agribusiness is ready to take the next step and talk to our team MyGrower, then let’s talk.

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