MyGrower Updates - January 2019

Greenstone Systems is excited to share that the following capabilities have been added to the MyGrower mobile and desktop application:

  • ACH Payment Capability– With the addition of ACH payment capability, MyGrower can now seamlessly handle all types of secure payments.
  • Action List Functionality– You can now receive a variety of action requests from growers for items such as settlements and ticket splits.
  • Push Notifications– Immediately send your customers timely information such as price changes and weather updates with ease through the admin portal.
  • Biometric Security– Your customers can now quickly and securely login to MyGrower via their mobile device with a simple thumbprint or facial scan.
  • Choose Default Homepage – You can now choose between two default homepages for your growers to see as soon as they log into their portal.
  • We’ve Added a “Back” Button! – To make things a little easier and user friendly, growers can now move to the last page they were on by simply clicking the “back” button.

“Frankly, we’re just scratching the surface,” shares Mahmoud Naeim, Product Specialist with Greenstone Systems. “Our customers have lots of great ideas on ways to improve and take MyGrower to the top. We are listening, and taking action!”

Click HERE for additional details about what’s new with MyGrower.

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