MyGrower Grain Market Integration Expands with Hrvyst

Seamlessly Display Hrvyst Grain Market Prices on MyGrower

Maximize the potential of the MyGrower app with the new grain market integration with Hrvyst. With this new integration, growers have access to future prices, basis, and cash bids as soon as they log in. By providing real-time market prices to your growers, you can improve their customer experience with your agribusiness. In addition, this integration helps streamline your operations and free up your grain merchandisers’ time; thus, giving them more time to focus on non-administrative tasks.

Integration Displays Grain Market Data

To view grain market prices in the app, growers select: 

    • Location 
    • Commodity 


Hrvyst integrates the following grain market data into the app:

    • Cash bids 
    • Futures price 
    • Futures price change 
    • Basis 
    • Price by delivery date 
    • Timely display future prices, basis, and cash bids 

Simplify the Way Growers View Grain Market Prices

Growers frequently access their MyGrower app to view their accounts. By integrating the Hrvyst grain market feature, your agribusiness gives your growers access to a reliable market data feed, in the palm of their hand. Whether it’s midnight or noon, on a Sunday or Wednesday night, your growers will have a real-time grain market price feed. Which ultimately drives efficiency and profitability to everyone involved, at all levels, in the grain trading process.

Efficient Grain Market Access

Generally speaking, your cash bids and future prices from Hrvyst are already visible on your website. Then, this integration takes it a step further and displays Hrvyst grain market data within MyGrower. Therefore, the MyGrower and Hrvyst integration connects your growers to your business in a quick and efficient manner.

Empower Growers with Digital Offer Submissions

In addition to the market data integration, MyGrower, in partnership with R.J. O’Brien Hrvyst, enables growers to submit offers digitally and manage open offers until they are fulfilled or expired. Not to mention, it integrates with any brokerage firm and provides flexibility for growers to execute their own marketing plans, leading to increased revenue. 

MyGrower + Hrvyst Partnership


“Hrvyst is honored to be a Greenstone partner, now providing grain bids and futures quotes to the MyGrower app,” said Lori Wyman, Head of Project at RJO’Brien Hrvyst. “The MyGrower app empowers the grower to make impactful, real-time decisions. At their fingertips, the grower can create offers and it has reliable market information, real-time ticket information, live contract, statement, and inventory balances, along with a host of other relevant information.” 




“We’re thrilled to offer this latest option to provide more value for our customers’ farmers,” said Scott Dilts, Sr. Product Manager for MyGrower. “The integration significantly enhances your growers’ digital experience by adding your relevant basis, futures, and cash prices alongside their other information including tickets, contracts, settlements, and more.  Plus, your growers will be able to act on that information and submit offers from within the app. This makes our partnership with HRVYST a significant step towards making MyGrower the central platform for your grower interactions.” 

Integrate Hrvyst Grain Market Prices with MyGrower

Are you looking for a way to simplify the transaction process for your customers? Discover how you can integrate Hrvyst grain market prices into your MyGrower mobile app. With this tool, you can display your futures, basis, and cash bids in one place, making it easier for your customers to do business with you. 

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