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Digital Strategy Changes within Agribusinesses

If 2021 showed us anything, it is that agribusinesses have made digital strategy a priority in their operations. A key component in that strategy is to have the ability to collect and send payments digitally. These have become table stakes for many agribusinesses, at all levels of the supply chain. In fact, this trend is continuing in all other industries. According to, the global digital payments industry was projected to hit $6.6 trillion in 2021, a 40% increase in two years.


MyGrower Digital Features

Growers, patrons, members, and customers need the convenience of paying via self-service tools. When collecting payments, agribusinesses need to use a software solution that easily interfaces with their ERP. MyGrower provides features for growers to make digital payments easily, securely, and efficiently via the web portal or mobile application. In addition, growers can review and pay invoices via ACH in a single step.

Review and Pay MyGrower Invoices

MyGrower ach payments

Today, growers want to be able to schedule payments, view payment history, and pay by statement. Seeing this, Greenstone is actively developing tools to enhance your interaction with growers and customers.

View Payment History in MyGrower

MyGrower Digital Payments

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