We are merging with another agribusiness

Mergers and acquisitions are common occurrences in our industry and can prove to be quite taxing overall, but don’t let the piece about combining datasets intimidate you. Offering the leading comprehensive solution to bring both datasets together as efficiently and painlessly as possible, Greenstone understands the time and assets it takes to bring two or more businesses together.

As your agribusiness expands to multiple locations, reporting, controlling business rules, credit management and knowing where your inventory is, has never been more simple or accessible.

We need a more reliable software partner

Agribusinesses sometimes find themselves in a situation where their existing ERP system simply no longer works for them. Perhaps the current system is no longer viable or has made too many unrecoverable mistakes with your valuable data. In either situation, change and progress become necessary for survival.

One of Greenstone’s inherent values is authenticity. We are upfront about what solution is best suited for your agribusiness and honor the long-term investment you make. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive system that meets the needs of all facets of your business today and beyond.

Greenstone is part of Cultura Technologies, a company who is solely committed to the agribusiness and agri-food technology industries. We are not funded by agribusiness industry players and our only interest is the success of our customers. Cultura Technologies guarantees longevity through access to capital provided by its own parent, the larger vertical market provider, Constellation Software, Inc.

“We decided early on that we wanted to be on a single operating system after the final unification date. AGRIS was the best solution of the two operating systems because it gave us the best chance for a successful startup and meeting customer expectations. Most unifications need additional resources beyond internal support to be on site, and the Greenstone team is well suited for this type of help. A merger is more than simply merging data sets. Greenstone brings the essential experience to look at process issues that will result in bad information input.”

– John Husk, Agtegra