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MyGrower is a digital solution technology that empowers farmers to manage their agribusiness needs at all levels of the supply chain in a single, easy-to-use experience. As a retail origination enablement tool, MyGrower’s mobile application and web portal give your growers access to vital, real-time account information. Giving them the ability to perform their business digitally.  Because of this, MyGrower users spend less time in the office and more time on the farm.
MyGrower grower app
MyGrower ACH Payments


Growers can make payments on balances and invoices
MyGrower Integrations


Leverages AGRIS and other 3rd party data sources

MyGrower real-time data


Growers can run, print, and save reports
MyGrower Digital Signature


Digitally sign and track contract progress
MyGrower Digital solution


Submit market offers and initiate contracts
digital solution technology

Time and money are the most valuable assets to the modern grower. MyGrower is a cutting-edge grower app and web portal that enables them to stay fully connected to their business.

With improved workflow into AGRIS and CINCH, MyGrower saves agribusiness both time and money by fulfilling needs that can be automated.

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