By: Mark Hisken, CINCH Operations Manager

Over the past decade, we’ve noticed many mid-sized companies outgrowing their small-business oriented software—and we wanted to do something about it.  As a company that knows, lives, and loves agriculture, we set out to create the most relevant and user-friendly digital solutions designed to meet specific requirements of individual Ag organizations.

We cut our eyeteeth on the milling industry, and it was with the grain industry in mind that we began building one of our most comprehensive, full-featured software solutions.  For our grain industry insiders, we designed the CINCH AgriSuite—a series of mix-and-match modules with the ability to be combined into key programs delivering perfectly tailored, customizable solutions for specific grain- and seed-based agribusinesses.

Our CINCH Grain is one of our most comprehensive modules, allowing an agribusiness a variety of toolsets:

  • Methods to enter customized contracts with growers
  • Ability to capture delivered commodity information (electronic scale or manually)
  • Creation of Settlements and Advancements
  • Ability to price sales contracts by load or quantity
  • Capturing filled order information for a smoother billing process
  • Supporting AgXML standards to create an interactive process with trade partners (scale ticket exchange, completing load orders)

And the CINCH Grain Processing module is our answer to the milling companies—whether an agribusiness deals in milling or processing either flour or seed, our processing-oriented module aids in managing all aspects of the business, from scale to finished product.

With the CINCH Sales module, we sought to give companies streamlined tools to better anticipate and meet their consumer’s needs.  We incorporated every aspect of a customer-facing/counter sales experience, from payment processing and daily sales reports to account/invoice creation and product returns.

Managing any or all aspects of the seed lifecycle? We designed CINCH Seed as another full-featured, interactive solution, featuring:

  • Seed conditioning, packaging and blending
  • Real-time inventory with identity preservation
  • Reduction of backorders and returns by providing streamlined production and supply chain tools
  • Creating cost transparency with merging of raw materials/overhead costs with finished goods costs

Additionally, CINCH Agronomy Series and CINCH Wholesale Fertilizer, much like CINCH Grain Processing, are modules we designed to work in conjuncture with other programs as a niche feature for fertilizer blending and soil health/planning.

We were one of the first AgTech companies on the market to create comprehensive software solutions for both general and niche Ag industries—and we remain committed to producing products designed to bolster each specific agribusiness we work with.

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