Maximizing Your Growth with CINCH

An Inventory Management Software


CINCH is an agribusiness inventory management software that can be customized to your business.

If your agribusiness is outgrowing your small-business-oriented software, you can benefit from this user-friendly, digital solution. Or maybe your agribusiness needs software to supports inventory management with traceability features: CINCH is your solution.


CINCH AgriSuite

CINCH is a comprehensive, full-featured software solution, with mix-and-match modules. In addition, it can combine key programs and deliver customizable solutions for grain, pulse, and seed agribusinesses.



A comprehensive solution, providing an agribusiness a variety of toolsets:

  • Methods to enter customized contracts with growers
  • Ability to capture delivered commodity information (electronic scale or manually)
  • Create settlements and advancements
  • Ability to price sales contracts by load or quantity
  • Capture filled order information for a smoother billing process
  • Support AgXML standards to create an interactive process with trade partners (scale ticket exchange, completing load orders)


CINCH Grain Processing

As an agribusiness processes flour or seed, the CINCH Grain Processing module aids in managing all aspects of the business. Especially for milling companies. In addition, this module includes processes from the scale to the end product.

CLICK HERE for a quick look at how the CINCH Process Manufacturing Module works.



With CINCH Sales, it focuses on every aspect of the customer-facing/counter sales experience. In addition, this module includes payment processing and daily sales reports to account/invoice creation and product returns. In fact, this module provides tools to help you better anticipate and meet the needs of your customers.



An interactive, full-featured module, that helps you manage any or all aspects of the seed lifecycle.

  • Seed conditioning, packaging, and blending
  • Real-time inventory with identity preservation and lot number tracking
  • Reduction of backorders and returns by providing streamlined production and supply chain tools
  • Creating cost transparency with the merging of raw materials/overhead costs with finished goods costs


CINCH Agronomy Series & CINCH Wholesale Fertilizer

Much like the CINCH Grain Processing module, these modules work in conjunction with other programs. In addition, it includes unique features for fertilizer blending and soil health/planning.

Maximize Your Growth

If you want to learn more about CINCH, and which modules would benefit your agribusiness.

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