A powerful agribusiness CRM solution that helps you manage your customer relationships, transforms sales, and automate marketing campaigns. Most importantly, it pulls your agribusiness data directly from AGRIS and CINCH. Giving your business valuable data that can help you drive informed decisions, automate processes, channel intuitive dashboards and personalize customer engagement across multiple channels within your business. INSIGHT for CRM helps your team build stronger relationships and have more meaningful conversations with your customers.

Insight for CRM

provides you with:

InSight Value

Top-down Value

Executives, Managers and Associates can identify, review and manage accounts

Nurture Customers

Nurture Customers

Tailor campaigns and messages to increase customer retention and loyalty

Intuitive Dashboards

Visual sales funnel and dashboards capture up-to-date snapshots of your data
InSight Data

Predictive Data

Behavioral data and transactional data creates a 360-degree view of your customers

Manage Time with InSight for CRM

With speedy access to producer data, INSIGHT offers improved time management and work efficiency for your entire team.

  • Executives can quickly identify key customers and use top-level data to make informed business decisions.
  • Managers can easily compare sales from year to year, measure customer ROI, and be better equipped to guide and empower the sales team for maximum performance.
  • Associates have the power to review and manage accounts from anywhere, as well as cross-share information regarding the sales process and customer interaction.

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InSight Data

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