Grain Originator

Today’s grain originator is focused on building trust, providing the highest level of customer service, and maximizing their growers’ profits. Managing risk, capturing opportunities, staying in compliance, and tracking the basis are daily needs that should be met with ease and accuracy through commodity trading software.

At Greenstone, we understand your need for fast, accurate, and flexible ways to manage operations and contract your grain. As the market leader for commodity management software built to support grain origination operations of any size, we provide innovative solutions and unmatched service to our valued customers.

Agricultural Cooperative

The modern agricultural coop is faced with the challenge of managing multiple facets of an agribusiness such as grain origination, an agronomy division, a farm store, and much more. The need to centralize business information, streamline processes, and have quick access to accurate information is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing a cooperative software provider.

Greenstone recognizes a cooperative’s complex pain points and provides all-encompassing solutions that make accessing and sharing key metrics both fast and easy. We also leverage powerful partnerships to provide the progressive agricultural cooperative with modern-day solutions to increase profitability.

“The system is intuitive and easy to navigate, and we are always able to get assistance when needed. Greenstone tries to listen to customer suggestions and implement them whenever possible.”

– Stacey Dickman, MAC


In order to stay competitive in the market, processors must manage the critical aspects of formulation, ingredients, unique units of measure, packaging, and pricing for recipe-based manufacturing, while improving cost and inventory control from inbound to outbound.

Strengthen your financial, inventory, and process manufacturing flows with an intuitive and powerful software solution that supports your unique agribusiness needs and mission-critical transactions.

“In choosing a software system many years ago, we needed a software provider that understood the farm supply business and how cooperatives operate. AGRIS satisfied our needs with the patronage accounting, and the grain and agronomy programs were designed to meet our specialized needs. Working with Greenstone allows our cooperative to work with an ERP provider that understands the needs of our diverse business portfolio.”

– Steve Zutz, Country Visions Co-op