At Cultura Technologies, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers.  Our Initiatives group learns about needs and comes up with unique solutions to help businesses run better.  Our Customer Experience team stands ready to help if you ever have an issue with one of our products.  And our company as a whole keeps an eye on ag industries to see how our customers fit in and how we can adapt our solutions to keep up with changes as they happen.
Cultura’s Product Line Manager Mike Terning has been doing a lot of listening lately.  Mike visited several customers to ensure we are always aware of the challenges that are on their minds.  He identified trends – from mergers and acquisitions to changes in customer base to supply chain disruptions and departmental performance measurement.  The knowledge Mike has gathered helps give Cultura direction in serving all our customers.  He has prepared a series of discussions on what he learned and would like your input, too.  Check out the video below and be sure to follow along as Mike adds to this series.

About Mike:

Mike Terning, Cultura Technologies’ Product Line Manager, has been working to provide information technology solutions to agriculture businesses for 20 years.  Growing up in Central Minnesota, Mike knows the importance of farming in America.  His dad was a farm implement dealer and his grandparents were farmers.  Mike worked on his great-uncle’s diversified farm.  His first job was pulling weeds in bean fields.  Not easy work.  After majoring in accounting in college, Mike joined a large CPA firm as an auditor.  He then moved to Harvest States (now CHS) to help compile financial statements for local cooperatives and help manage grain cooperative information systems.  After CHS, he worked for John Deere and now Cultura.  Mike likes helping ag businesses that are working with farmers to feed the world.  “It’s exciting to provide solutions that our customers can get excited about.”
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