Recently, Cultura’s Product Line Manager Mike Terning visited several customers to ensure we understand the challenges that are on their minds.  He identified trends – from mergers and acquisitions to changes in customer base to supply chain disruptions and departmental performance measurement.  He has prepared a series of discussions on what he learned and would like your input, too.  Take a look at the new video below and be sure to follow along as Mike adds to this series.  Then, let us know what you think.  Get in touch on our social media sites and tag your responses with #AgIndustryTrends and #CulturaConnects.

This article further explores the effect of having fewer, larger, and more sophisticated growers on trust and loyalty in the ag industry.  Younger producers, many of whom are a part of this trend, tend to view themselves as less loyal and they place greater emphasis on consulting various sources of information before taking significant action.  According to McDonald’s global chief brand officer, Steve Easterbrook, this kind of behavior is making it “harder work for all of us to earn the loyalty of the millennial generation.”  In order to better serve younger producers, ag businesses might have to change some of their long-standing business practices.

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has found that, as customers become more tech-savvy, they expect more from companies in shorter timeframes.  Different technologies allow customers to access information and take action quickly.  As a result, today’s customers, especially the younger generations, expect companies to provide them with the same abilities.  Recognizing customer demand and impatience is an important part of business today.

The Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University put together this profile of a high-growth crop producer.  According to the profile, high-growth producers seeker information from every available source.  Specifically, “technology-centric” sources are important to high-growth producers.  Embracing technology can play a large role in attracting growers today.