Improve Grain Quality to Increase Grain Safety

Improve grain quality in your bins to create a safe workplace.

Each year the National Grain and Feed Association promotes a safe workplace to help protect employees. This year, one of the safety topics is “Safety and Grain Quality Management”. No business is ever completely prepared to prevent an accident, hence why they are called accidents. It’s important that your business does everything possible to protect your employees. When you improve grain quality, you ensure your employees return home safely each night.

Condition of grain poses huge safety risk

According to NGFA, suffocation is the main cause of death in grain bins. Furthermore, the condition of grain poses a huge storage and safety risk.

The most common cause of entrapment is when unconditioned grain accumulates on the side of the grain bin. Hot weather and lower-quality grain increase the possibility of buildup. For example, if a person stands next to the buildup or taps on the buildup, it can collapse and result in suffocation.

The best way to avoid an accident is to not enter a grain bin. In addition, don’t enter a bin when there is any buildup on the side walls. To avoid buildup inside the grain bin is by maintaining grain quality in the bin. As a result, grain can crust and cliff if you store it without proper monitoring and management.

How to prevent hazardous conditions

Prevent hazardous conditions at your operation. Properly prepare your facility for adequate grain quality. Utilize a solution to help you effectively manage your grain. It is critical to keep track of your grain from start to finish. So, it is important to maintain complete visibility of your inventory throughout the entire year.

There are automated bin management solutions to help your operation manage your grain to the highest quality. Also, there are solutions to keep your bins from low-quality grain accumulating in your bins. As a result, when you improve grain quality, you will keep your employees safe. Therefore, it is important to utilize optimal grain storage practices, to minimize the need to enter a grain bin.

Manage your grain quality

If you like to learn more about grain bin management solutions that can help your operation manage grain quality more effectively – contact us to learn how you can create a safer workplace for your employees.