Your mobile investment is now an integral part of your grain origination strategy

Greenstone Systems is taking MyGrower functionality to new levels by partnering with R.J. O’Brien’s Hrvyst to give growers the ability to create offers and initiate sales directly from the mobile platform. This partnership expands your origination team’s reach and allows your agribusiness to book more bushels at the bid.

What is Hrvyst?

Hrvyst is a purpose-built agri-tech application created by RJO for the commercial grain industry that automates hedging by digitizing the entire grain origination and merchandising process. It electronically links grain offers, purchases and sales to the futures market and to AGRIS. The platform is broker-agnostic so it can be used by commercial grain elevators and linked to their existing brokerage firms.

What is MyGrower?

MyGrower is the powerful mobile engagement platform that enables growers to access real-time account information from the AGRIS ERP system anywhere, anytime. It seamlessly connects growers to their elevators so they can operate their business on-the-go.

How the Integration Works

Grower submits cash offer via MyGrower
Hedge automatically executed
Cash bids are updated
Impacted hedges instantly updated
Offer fills
Contract created and DPR updated
Contract available for review via MyGrower

1. Grower submits cash offer via MyGrower

2. Hedge automatically executed

3. Cash bids are updated

4. Impacted hedges instantly updated

5. Offer fills

6. Contract created and DPR updated

7. Contract available for review via MyGrower


For the Grower

  • Complete MyGrower functionality
  • Ability to submit, view, and edit offers
  • Ability initiate spot and forward contracts
  • Flexibility to digitally execute their own marketing plan to improve revenue

For the Originator

  • Access to real-time bids and up to the minute futures prices
  • Elevated productivity through automation and by enforcing business rules and controls
  • Assurance that transactions are executed perfectly the first time

For the Merchandiser

  • Accurate consolidation and delivery of business activities in real-time to support fast decision making
  • Grower offers are captured digitally as opposed to over the phone or in-person
  • Hedges are instantly updated as basis bids are revised

For the Accountant

  • The DPR stays accurate and up to date because Hryvst syncs with AGRIS and updates contracts automatically

For the Manager

  • Hrvyst maximizes the ability to enforce your position limit policies

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