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Hrvyst and MyGrower Integration

CHICAGO / ALPHARETTA, Ga., May 12, 2020 – Chicago-based R.J. O’Brien & Associates (RJO), the oldest and largest independent futures brokerage and clearing firm in the United States, and Greenstone Systems, the leading market provider of integrated agricultural accounting and management software, announce that RJO’s Hrvyst initiative partners with Greenstone to digitally connect and automate origination, merchandising and hedging for U.S. grain companies. The integration will deploy at several locations nationwide with broad commercial availability in the summer of 2020.


RJO Commodity Manager Tool

Hrvyst, a RJO purpose-built agri-tech application, is for the commercial grain industry that automates hedging. In essence, it digitalizes the entire grain origination and merchandising process. Thus, it electronically links grain offers, purchases, and sales to the futures market and the grain company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. In addition to this, the platform is broker-agnostic. Simply put, it can be used by commercial grain elevators and linked to their existing brokerage firms.


MyGrower brings Commodity Software Integration

MyGrower is a powerful mobile engagement platform enabling growers to access real-time account information from the AGRIS ERP system anywhere, anytime. Thus, it seamlessly connects growers to their grain elevators. Without a doubt, it allows your growers to operate their business on the go.


Commodity Manager Solution

Through this new integration, the MyGrower platform moves beyond a mobile engagement platform. Not to mention, its resource into a transaction-generating tool that can help originate more bushels and facilitate hedging against activity in the cash market. Furthermore, offers created with MyGrower can instantly flow into and be managed and hedged by Hrvyst. As well as simultaneously making AGRIS ERP system updates in real time.


Hrvyst supports the Commodity Manager Integration

Kirk Bonniwell, Senior Managing Director, Hrvyst, said: “Grain companies rely on manual processes for workstreams when buying or selling grain and managing hedges. This kills productivity and introduces unnecessary risks. Too often, it also contributes to missed origination and merchandising opportunities. Integrating the Hrvyst and Greenstone platforms mitigates those risks and offers the grain industry an opportunity for straight-through processing capabilities enjoyed by other industries for years.”


Greenstone’s Support for the Commodity Manager Integration

“Customers informed us that they need a connected solution from the grower, to the hedge management trading system, to the accounting system,” said Mike Terning, Head of Product with Greenstone Systems. “A driving factor to partner with R.J. O’Brien’s is our commitment to provide Greenstone customers with the best-combined system. This integration will help grain originators and merchandisers increase engagement with farmers and reduce hedge slippage. It will also greatly increase efficiency and accuracy as accepted offers automatically flow from the Hrvyst trading system into the AGRIS platform.”


Partnership Helping the Grain Industry

Bonniwell said: “The agricultural industry has faced enormous challenges over the past few years, and these are only magnified as the world is dealing with the effects of COVID-19. It’s more important than ever that those in the grain industry utilize the tools that reduce risk while ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the food supply chain. This partnership can help those in the grain industry meet those goals and remain properly and precisely hedged in real-time, without waiting hours or days to know where they stand.”

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About R.J. O’Brien & Associates and Hrvyst

Founded in 1914, R.J. O’Brien & Associates is the oldest independent futures brokerage and clearing firm in the United States, serving more than 80,000 institutional, commercial, and individual clients globally. The firm offers state-of-the-art electronic trading and 24-hour trade execution on every major futures exchange worldwide. Hrvyst, developed internally by RJO’s Commercial Agricultural team, enables users to manage their grain risk in real-time, enterprise-wide, automatically converting cash grain movement into futures hedging orders.

About Greenstone Systems

Greenstone Systems is the leading market provider of integrated agricultural accounting and management software. Greenstone, a Cultura Company, is part of the Volaris Group family, which is owned by Constellation Software, Inc. (CSI), an international vertical market software organization. Greenstone is an independent software provider, not aligned with or owned by any agribusiness industry suppliers. Greenstone’s sole focus is to form long-term partnerships with clients, to deliver the powerful solutions they need for continued growth and success.