At Cultura Technologies, we’re not the kind of business that sends out brochures and hopes you’ll self-select our solutions.  We pride ourselves in being partners with our customers, so it’s important for us to get to know you and your business.

That priority doesn’t go away after you sign contracts with us.  In fact, you become even more important.  That’s one reason our customer conference is a big deal for us.

Our team just returned from the Cultura Customer Conference in San Antonio.  People from across our company shared their expertise with customers who were eager to enhance their use of the technology that runs their businesses.  And our team was just as eager to help customers make their businesses even better.

From the Scale Operations team, Larry Karraker of Customer Support and Product Manager Steve Day taught classes and met with customers.  It was a great chance to exchange ideas with users.  In addition, one-on-one meetings validated we are headed in the right direction with items on our roadmap that customers really want.  It’s crucial that we are always in touch with customers’ needs so we can adapt our technology as their needs change.

“This was a great time to interact with our end users and give them a few new tips and tricks to take back to the scale house,” Larry said.  In talking with customers, our team was also able to highlight some of our new extended options in response to their business needs. “After regular class hours we talked to many of our users in a more relaxed environment,” Larry mentioned, saying Mad Dogs British Pub was a favorite destination for checking out some great local music.

Steve got a question at one point about the oneWeigh scale system and Pit Monitor, major components of scale automation that move trucks through grain businesses more quickly.  He could have tossed a brochure to the customer and quoted some information from our website.  But that’s not how Steve rolls.  At all.  Instead he told the customer that until he knew details about their operation, he couldn’t really tell them the value of the products.  After asking some questions about the setup and traffic flow, Steve was able to speak – very specifically – about oneWeigh’s value.  The customer sincerely appreciated that Steve took the time to learn about the business so he could tailor his message to their needs.

We know every customer is different.  That’s why we work to learn all we can about how our customers do business, so we can make smart recommendations.  One size does NOT fit all.  We help our customers make smart choices.  Because ultimately, it IS their choice.  They choose a company to do business with and they choose a solution.  We don’t choose it for them.  It’s our job to educate ourselves and recommend options.  The better we know each other, the easier that is.  That’s why our customer conference is an important aspect of Cultura.  Building relationships allows our customers to trust that we will do all we can to help them make their businesses the best possible.  That’s how we work at Cultura.  It’s smart business for you and for us.