MyGrower - Proof of Yield Reports

Give your customers/growers a quick and efficient way to track their activity, including their proof of yield. 

Extra Employee Effort when running Proof of Yield Reports

During harvest season, you and your employees are inundated with requests to provide proof of yield reports to customer/growers. Typically, the employee must manually search for the report and then email or mail it to the customer. The time-consuming nature of this task increases with each additional request. In some instances, an employee may spend an entire day fulfilling these requests.  

Make Proof of Yield Reports Easy for Customers to Obtain

Nonetheless, digitalizing the process of generating proof of yield reports benefits your agribusiness and the grower/customer. 

Agribusiness Benefits of Digitalizing Proof of Yield Reports

  • Improve employee efficiency 
  • Free up your employees’ time for other important tasks 
  • Reduce overtime pay 

Grower/Customer Benefits of Digitalizing Proof of Yield Reports

  • Ability to run report anytime and anyplace, in an instant 
  • No longer have to wait to request reports during agribusiness hours of operation 
  • Pull historical data for crop insurance, Farm Service Agency, financing and to support grain marketing discussions and decisions 
  • No delays waiting on a report from agribusiness 

Build Stronger Relationships with on Demand Proof of Yield Reports

Most importantly, when grower/customers can run their own Proof of Yield reports it allows them to build trust with the agribusiness whom they do business with. This is because they are being provided with accurate and transparent yield data of their own operation. Plus, making the report easily available demonstrates an agribusinesses commitment to building stronger, quality relationships with their customers/growers. Thus, leading to repeat business, which as you know increases profitability. 

Enhance Decision-Making and Efficiency

Overall, allowing your customer/growers to run Proof of Yield reports provides multiple benefits to them. Ultimately, it allows them to make better decisions, adjust farming practices, segment reports by farm and field, and obtain the reports when they need them. Lastly, it benefits your agribusiness by eliminating your team from manually running and sending reports to your grower/customers. Not to mention, it helps your agribusiness build trust with your customer/grower. 

Give your Growers Access to Run their own Proof of Yield Reports

Are you sick of running proof of yield reports for your customer/grower? Let’s talk!

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