display bids and future prices

Display future prices, basis, and cash bids from Barchart

With a seamless integration, you can display future prices, basis, and cash bids in MyGrower via Barchart. Display timely grain prices to your customers when they login into their MyGrower app or web portal. As the MyGrower ecosystem continues to expand, your agribusiness can use the app and web portal to its fullest potential.


What you can do

Your growers have the ability to select

    • Location
    • Commodity


After selecting these options, they have the with the ability to view:

    • Cash bids
    • Futures price
    • Futures price change
    • Basis
    • Price by delivery date

Timely display future prices, basis and cash bids

Naturally, growers access their MyGrower app or web portal frequently to view their accounts. With this integration, you simplify the way your growers view bids and future grain prices.


How it works

Typically, your cash bids and future prices from Barchart already appear on your website. With this integration, the Barchart data will directly appear within MyGrower as well. This gives your growers another way to stay connected to your business, in a quick and efficient way.

MyGrower + Barchart Partnership

Mark Haraburda, Barchart CEO

“We’re proud to partner with Greenstone to provide dependable grain bid and futures information into the grower’s hand via MyGrower. Whether clients choose to use our Marketplace Apps or MyGrower, they will have access to critical and timely market information that will help them make key decisions. 

Mike Terning, Greenstone Head of Product

Barchart and Greenstone have many mutual customers, and we’re thrilled to provide this integration to offer more value-driven insights for your farmers to utilize. The integration significantly enhances your growers digital experience by displaying your relevant basis, futures and cash prices. This price information aids growers in their marketing efforts as they can view prices alongside of their other MyGrower information, including tickets, contracts, settlements and more.

Display future prices, basis and cash bids from Barchart

Take the Next Step

Discover how you can integrate your grain prices into a mobile app and web portal. Simply put, give your customers an easier way to do business with you. Lastly and most importantly, start displaying your futures, basis, and cash bids in MyGrower via Barchart.

Display your futures, basis, and cash bids with MyGrower + Barchart

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