Digital Transformation

Embracing Digital Transformation

An agribusiness’s digital transformation journey often hinges on being able to stay competitive in the marketplace. In essence, agribusinesses that fail to adopt automation technology quickly find themselves left behind. Generally, automation integration significantly enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and increases productivity. Thus, making facility automation and grain accounting automation a game-changer for agribusinesses.

Backoffice Digital Transformation

As you know, there are many ways to digitally transform your agribusiness. With this in mind, these processes can be a part of your agribusiness’s digital transformation journey. 

Automate Reports and Data

In general, what is needed from you if you need to pull a report? In most cases, are you working in Excel docs and pivot tables trying to find reporting data? By and large, you need access to up-to-the-minute reports and data. Specifically, when it comes to making in-the-moment, critical decisions. In short, back-office software that automates reports and streamlines your agribusiness data is a huge win.

Transform Document Storage

Often, your accounting team spends hours each week tracking down paperwork. In this case, think about how much time your team could save if files were attached to each ticket. Specifically, if each ticket could have the ability to include electronic attachments. Indeed, digitalizing files would save effort, but it would also save office space. Thus, decreasing office space for filing cabinets.

Grain Origination Transformation For Your Growers

Implement a digital process for your growers to submit or modify an offer. Instead of having your growers call one of your employees to do this for them. As a result, you give your growers the ability to digitally conduct business with your agribusiness.

Grain Origination Transformation For Your Employees

In addition, give your employees a mobilefriendly way to enter contracts while at the farm gate. Not to mention, allowing your employees to enter contracts immediately, rather than later when the market changes. 

Facility Automation Digital Transformation

Does your facility operations utilize automation? As a rule, by digitalizing facility operation processes, you can speed up truck wait times, use less resources, and much more.  

Facility Automation Benefits

Normally, when a facility doesn’t have automation, the driver gets out of their truck one if not more times. Naturally, keeping a driver in his truck has many benefits. For one thing, safety is a huge bonus when you keep drivers in their truck. Another, to speed up the traffic flow. Lastly, automation can auto-populate information to a ticket, thus eliminating manual data entry errors.

Huge Gains with Facility Automation

All in all, there are many automation options to adopt at your facility. In truth, you can start small, yet on the other hand, you can go all out and eventually have an unmanned elevator. Nonetheless, even one facility automation can bring huge gains to your agribusiness.

Next Steps On Your Digital Transformation Journey

Let’s face it, if you are not using automation to be more efficient, you’re already behind. However, don’t get discouraged or feel overwhelmed. Because a Greenstone team member can help you on your digital transformation journey in just a 30-minute call.

Start Conducting Business Digitally

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