DataHub launches with Microsoft Azure

Greenstone Systems, a Cultura Company, announced that it will use Microsoft Azure to power its integration strategy to enable agribusinesses to operate in a more agile, secure, and compliant way. The announcement was made by Mike Terning, Head of Product at Greenstone Systems, at the 2022 Greenstone Virtual Customer Conference.


Greenstone customers want secure, bi-directional, and near real-time integrations with their ERP and key operational systems. Agribusinesses are seeking to remove data silos, reduce the delays of sharing information, and minimize costs of maintaining point-to-point integrations. Greenstone saw an opportunity to create a more supportable, modern technology platform to exchange data between systems.


“Selecting Microsoft Azure will help Greenstone focus on supporting agribusinesses’ mission-critical transactions in a reliable and secure way,” stated Duey Yliniemi, Greenstone General Manager. “Azure is an important component in delivering modern integrations to our customer hosted ERP and facility operations data. Selecting Azure was an easy decision for Greenstone because of our existing relationship with Microsoft and the use of their development tools. We are able to accomplish greater reliability through the use of highly available Azure services from Microsoft.”


Greenstone’s cloud integration platform, on Azure, provides customers with a modern option to support current and future integration requirements. This platform was built to be extendable, utilizing highly resilient Azure services, while providing a secure and modern integration methodology.


“Greenstone will continue to evaluate how Microsoft Azure can unlock new cloud-based opportunities for customers,” stated Mike Terning, Head of Product at Greenstone Systems.


“Microsoft recognizes the breadth of businesses that Cultura Technologies represents in the ag industry and the advancing technology Greenstone offers has a direct impact on agribusinesses,” stated Suzanne Gagliese, One Commercial Partner Lead, Microsoft Canada.

“Microsoft is dedicated to delivering solutions to help digitize and support agribusiness digital transformation, embracing power, scale, and efficiency of the cloud.”


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