Some businesses are afraid of the “unknown.” Grain businesses aren’t afraid of “unknown” deliveries; but they can be an inconvenience.

Currently, if a driver shows up with a load of grain – but he hasn’t been to the elevator or location before – the load is logged at the scale as “unknown.” Same thing, if any kind of change in name, address or discount table needs to be made. The ticket is called “unknown” and is set aside for a later time.

Now there’s a way back from the unknown. The Data Replication Service (DRS), an extended option within the AGRIS™ System Support menu, allows AGRIS customers to make minor alterations on their servers, and the information goes out to their remote oneWeigh workstations right away. Plus, it’s silent. No taking the system down and disrupting the whole process. The DRS sweeps through undetected, updating the system at regular intervals. This also eliminates the hassle at the end of the workday of entering all those “unknown” tickets.

In addition, when you want to apply a load to a specific contract at the scale during delivery, DRS gives your operator access to contracts and balances. The oneWeigh system is equipped with a contract search that allows scale operators to select the right contract to apply the delivery ticket. Everything’s all in one place. It saves them from having to reference outside tally sheets or other documents. The correct number will be on the ticket from the scale, and balances will be updated accordingly.

Not only will your scale workflow be more efficient, but your patrons, members and/or haulers also will be much happier with how quickly and accurately loads are handled at your facility.

This new extended option to the AGRIS business management system simplifies work during the day and eliminates late-night follow up. Imagine the time saved during harvest.