Greenstone’s core systems are meticulously designed and constantly improved to address the ever-changing needs of today’s agribusiness. Grain originators, agricultural cooperatives, and processors across North America depend on these systems to keep them efficient, profitable, and looking toward the future.


AGRIS is a complete management system, that has been trusted by the industry for over 40 years, and will streamline processes and enforce business rules of organizations of any size.


CINCH works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP platform to be a powerhouse team for your business. It is specifically designed to reliably handle your mission-critical transactions.


oneWeigh Platform and Bulkweigh solutions manage the automation of shipping and receiving needs within grain facilities. These practical and customizable technology solutions improve operational efficiency of grain handling and can be quickly deployed on any industry standard hardware platform.

“We chose Greenstone as we felt it was the leading software company that could provide the “whole package” for us. It features an excellent grain program, stand-alone one-weighs, inventory management, along with many other capabilities. We benefit from Greenstone because it is an integrated system that keep our entire company current at all times.”

– Tracey Wright, GFG

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