CINCH support and enhancements continue

CINCH Support and Enhancements Continue

CINCH support and enhancements continue and will follow Microsoft’s Modern Lifecycle Policy for Dynamics GP through 2028 and later. To clarify, the development of CINCH remains active and will continue to remain active.

Proof of this, check out What’s New with CINCH, to see the new features and enhancements.

Rest assured, CINCH is presently being maintained, improved, and supported.

Therefore, there are no plans to discontinue, retire, or sunset CINCH in the foreseeable future.

Remain current with CINCH Releases

As stated above, CINCH enhancements will continue. Therefore, it is important for you as a CINCH customer to stay current with releases to receive the latest enhancements. By doing this, customers will receive the most current tax, regulatory, security, and other updates to Dynamics GP that Microsoft provides. Thus, keeping maintenance agreements up to date is imperative to receive these critical updates. 

CINCH Support Continues

Without a doubt, Greenstone understands that CINCH plays an important role in your agribusiness operations. Therefore, Greenstone Customer Support prioritizes our customers by providing timely, professional, and efficient support. The Customer Support team achieves this through collaboration, teamwork, and a dedication to continuous learning. In addition, they strive to resolve customer issues the first time around, by being detail-oriented and acting proactively. In short, Greenstone remains committed to providing highquality resources like Knowledge Base Product Documentation and CINCH Monthly Quick-Tips. 

CINCH Supports the Growth of Your Business

As your agribusiness grows and changes you will be able to add the following: 

  • GP and CINCH concurrent access licenses 
  • Additional modules and options  

Our Commitment as your Business Grows

Furthermore, Greenstone is committed to enabling you, as a CINCH customer, to contribute to future developments and improvements. Thus, your input is valuable in determining future product enhancements. As your business grows and your requirements change, please contact your account manager to discuss how we can collaborate with you to meet your growth needs.

The Future of CINCH

As CINCH continuously evolves, dedicated quality assurance team members will continue to perform rigorous quality control testing on the product, to continue a near-zero bug backlog. Truly, this is another example of Greenstones commitment to maintaining reliable and secure data for agribusinesses to depend on. To clarify, CINCH will continue to release three major releases annually, which follow Microsoft’s Modern Lifecycle Policy for Dynamics GP through 2028 and later. 

CINCH Quick Links

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the above links, click here to complete the form to contact a CINCH expert or email 

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