CINCH: STRONG as a honeycomb!

CINCH leverages Microsoft GP to hold your mission-critical data.

Bees are constantly bringing pollen back into their hive AND your team is constantly inputting data into your agribusiness software system.

Think of your software system as your honeycomb.

A honeycomb is the strongest and most robust shapes ever known to man-kind.

Your company’s agribusiness requires a STRONG software system, to hold all of its mission-critical data. Just like the honeycomb MUST be strong enough to hold all its honey.

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CINCH leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP financial platform.

CINCH is stacked with powerful functionality and specifically designed to handle your agribusiness mission-critical transactions.

CINCH is the only ag software powerful enough to support your business’ every need.

CINCH efficiently addresses every aspect of customer-facing transactions.

CINCH is designed to provide endless software solutions to your agribusiness, because of its innovative product features.

What is included in CINCH:

  • Dynamics GP Financials
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • General Ledger
  • Bank Management
  • System Control & Security
  • Commodity and Inventory Management
  • Agricultural Sales

  • CINCH Grain
  • CINCH Seed
  • CINCH Manufacturing
  • CINCH Add-Ons
  • CINCH Document Exchange
  • CINCH Savings & Loan
  • CINCH Patronage
  • CINCH Portal