Challenges Farmers Face

SILO the Film

The following content is from Mike Terning’s interview with Sam Goldberg – producer and CEO of SILO the film. This interview is featured on Greenstone’s podcast: Outstanding in the Field.

About Sam Goldberg, Producer and CEO of SILO the film

All his life, Sam’s dream was to work in the entertainment business. Over the course of time, his passion now is to help facilitate the creative vision of writers, directors, and all sorts of artists. He loves to work on stories. And tell the structure of stories.

He met a producer from Tennessee, telling him about a story of a grain bin entrapment. At the time, Sam said he didn’t even know what a grain bin was. Let alone understand the term: grain bin entrapment.

Because of this production pitch, Sam began looking into the agriculture industry. In that moment, he was immediately drawn to the agriculture community. In fact, he began to visit farms across the Midwest. Additionally, he remembers admiring how farmers looked out for each other.

About SILO the Film

This heart wrenching, real film shines a spotlight on the ag community. In addition, it gives others a sense of understanding of what farmers go through. And the dangers farmers face daily.

SILO the film takes place in Kentucky and Indiana. And the crew began filming in 2018. However, the entire crew spent time in 2017 cultivating relationships with individuals in the ag community. As a matter of fact, this valuable time with the community Sam attributes to the success of this ambitious movie.

In the interview with Mike, Sam explains how Sukup grain bin manufacturer went all in, helping produce the film. Sukup Manufacturing Co. is the world’s largest family-owned and operated manufacturer of grain storage, grain drying and handling equipment. Because of their generosity, Sukup helped create an authentic production on a shoestring budget. Sam noted, what they did in Ohio with the help of Sukup, was something that would equate to millions of dollars on a set in California.

The movie made its debut at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL in August of 2019.

Challenges Farmers Face

In addition, Sam notes that most watch entertainment for an escape. But SILO is entertainment that is meant to challenge you. Watching SILO is a bit uncomfortable. However, it is the way it is, because that’s reality. The ag industry deals with challenging things every day. Because of this, this film would not be authentic if it was produced any other way. In today’s world, most families are a few generations removed from agriculture. This film raises awareness of the intelligence of American farmers today.


It is important to note that the pressure farmers deal with daily today, is astronomical. Therefore, SILO is a conversational tool to help people open up. In addition, the film is to let farmers, or anyone know that they are not alone with their feelings. SILO helps spread awareness for mental health.

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