Bulk Scale Automation

bulkweigh scale automation

NTEP Certified Bulk Scale System

bulkWeigh is an NTEP-certified bulk scale automation and bulk weighing system that accurately weighs free-flowing bulk materials. Whether loading or unloading railcars, barges, ships, containers, trucks, co-products, or processed goods, the system is compatible with all bulk scale manufacturers for easy implementation. oneWeigh’s bulkweigh system eliminates manual processes and eases your workload, by focusing on speed and accuracy.  


helps you:

Automatically load and unload grain 
Implement rapid draft cycles and eliminate of trimming  
Automate track lists with RFID technology 
bulkWeigh Automation
Customize system configurations to run automatically  
bulkWeigh hardware
Minimize hardware adoption requirements 
RFID technology

Simplify your operation with Bulk Scale Automation

bulkWeigh offers a hands-off operation with the support of RFID technology. Specifically, it captures railcar number, calculates target weight, starts & finishes the order and prints weight certificate. Altogether, this allows your operators to focus on the loading or unloading process, instead of data entry. In addition, bulkWeigh eliminates manual error data entry time and errors. 

With an easy-to-use system, precise hopper system control, rapid draft cycles, and intuitive interfaces, oneWeigh’s bulk scale automation system improves your productivity and efficiency. 

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