Bin Management System

Grain Quality Management System

binSight is a premier inventory bin management system that integrates fully with oneWeigh, without disrupting your current processes. In fact, with fewer clicks and easy adoption, grain handlers and merchandisers have come to rely heavily on this grain and commodity reporting tool. All in all, binSight provides full transparency of your bins. Not to mention, up-to-the-minute grain quality and quantity inventory information. 
bin management software
easy setup

Grain quality data calculates automatically


Tracks and preserves grain identity


Model blends and make blend predictions based on quality

bin management data visualization

Visual dashboards for all commodity inventories

binsight bin management system

Assign commodities to bins in two simple clicks 

binSight bin system

Live Visibility of your Grain Quality and Quantity

Overall, have a sense of freedom that you no longer have to manually calculate and update your physical bin board. In turn, binSight gives you full transparency and digital access to your entire grain inventory. 

Automated Bin Management System

Give your operations and management personnel the ability to track grain and address tough grain issues. Complete the form to receive a download that gives details on how binSight provides value across your entire organization. 
Ryan Carwell, Poinsett Rice & Grain
“My favorite program is probably binSight. From a management standpoint, I can get a good overview of what's going on in our facilities. I can see available space, local elevator managers can see available space. We can make sales decisions based on inventory, quality, and variety. And then it allows us just to efficiently see if we need to blend certain products to ship out.”

See binSight in Action

See a fully automated facility with an online bin board that displays both quantity and quality attributes for each bin. Now, complete the form below to watch a video and see binSight in action. After you watch the video, one of our team members will be in touch with you. 

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