oneWeigh Bin Management 3.2.4

We are excited to announce another Spring service pack release for oneWeigh Bin Management! Take a look at these additions to enhance your binSight bin management and you’ll see what we mean.

New features in this release include updating key components of oneWeigh Bin Management which keep the technology current and improvements to the way you process bin samples, and view and access your valuable inventory information.


Technology Upgrade

  • Technology updates made to improve processing, performance, and security within oneWeigh Bin Management and ticket generation from oneWeigh.
  • Services from TraceServer move to one. Setup & Production launchers underwent new naming, that simplifies version update and technical support.
  • New placement (Tomcat) has been added. Tomcat log files in a new folder structure to provide easier access for support.



  • Provided actions are needed when errors/exceptions are encountered during installation or upgrade. Instructions now prompt the user when errors/exceptions appear.
  • Open Web Browser to automatically load the Webconfig login, reducing the need to look up the Webconfig address.



Lab Sample

  • Right-click on the bin to enter lab sample results more easily.



Bin Inventory by Product

    • Choose “OR” instead of “AND” when grade factor filtering to increase the options based on the selection for grade factor range entries.
    • Improvements to the .CSV file provide names in each bin row for easier sorting/filtering.
    • Sort Order selector defaults to the user’s last selection, reducing keystrokes.
    • The lock status is displayed only when the report run was based on the defaulted date/time.
    • User recall of last selected UOM, reduces effort in producing reports.


Transfer Activity Report

  • Configuration has been added to set beginning and ending Date/Time to “same day” or “prior day”.
  • Bin quantity is now displayed for each bin on the report, providing a more thorough view of historical transfers.
  • A new option allows the user to set the beginning date & time to default to 12:00 AM or 7:00 AM start time.


Product & Factors Report

  • Use product decimal precision when displaying history on screen or print.


Operations Reports

  • When choosing one of the “Other Operation Reports” the user can easily select report by using the double click feature, which is now included in the filter screen.
  • Quantities with amounts greater than 999 now display commas and the UOM for a better understanding of each report’s results.
  • The UOM filter is now displayed near the top of the filter screen as a drop-down selector to provide an easier selection of desired report results.
  • Added user recall of last selected UOM , to reduce effort in producing these reports.



  • Removed the “Target amount must be greater than 0” requirement a user may select a bin(s) and contents without looking them up on the annex / bin board. The Target amount is populated with a “Set Total as Target Amount” button.


Multi-ticket Entry Screen

  • Improved the user interface flow through the bin data input area of the screen, providing a better experience.

Visit Greenstone’s Confluence site to see the prerequisites, highlights, technical information, and supporting software to this release, as well as the link to download it.