Hearing the word “re-gift” might make you think of a present you weren’t too crazy about.  You opened it and instantly thought,

“Surely SOMEONE would like this waffle iron in the shape of a puppy’s head.”  So you gave it away.

That’s how we normally think of re-gifting:  a way to get rid of something we don’t like.  But there’s another interpretation.  As we’ve been talking about customer service the past few weeks, we’ve been honing in on the idea that when we give you great customer service, it helps you deliver strong customer service to the people who do business with you.  It must be a genuine, intentional process and one that is ingrained with everyone in your business.

Now we’d like to introduce you to the concept that this gift of excellent customer service is one you can re-gift to your customers… and feel good about doing it!  This week, we’d like to show you how we help you maintain efficiencies throughout your facility that create a great customer experience.  Click here to see how it happens.