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Agroguide agronomy management software
AgroGuide is an agronomy management software that integrates with AGRIS. This agronomy management software provides solutions to agribusinesses for crop planning, formulation and blending, field history, spatial management, and GIS precision analysis. Most importantly, it is designed to work with your existing processes. In fact, AgroGuide is a win-win for both agribusinesses and growers. Features within AgroGuide give customers a view of their most profitable options and potential cost savings. By sharing ways to increase your grower’s profit per acre, your agribusiness will enhance its customer loyalty.


helps you:

AgroGuide Agronomy
Increase profit with precise guaranteed analysis blend
agronomy data
Improve accuracy by minimizing repetitive data entry
agriculture data
Maintain real-time inventory, reducing waste and shrinkage
agronomy profit
Maximize grower profit with price per acre blend
digital invoice
Prompt invoicing with automated agronomy work order management

AgroGuide Formulation & Blending

AgroGuide communicates nutrient formulations and recipes to automatic blenders. This process eliminates costly errors from multiple manual inputs.

How it Works

    • Soil sample is conducted
    • Results populate field data into AgroGuide
    • Nutrient formulation calculator customizes a dry or liquid crop nutrient recommendation for every acre of the field
    • Customer can accept the formulation
    • When the formulation is accepted, it converts into a sales order in AGRIS
    • When a sales order is created, it reserves the product at the current price with the agribusiness
    • Electronically send work orders or nutrient formulations to 3rd-party dry and liquid plant automations

Agronomy Formulation and Blending
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