Sales Order Management System

AGRIS Sales App
AGRIS Sales is a sales order management tool that gives your employees access to your agronomy, energy, and livestock nutrition customer account info, as well as inventory positions, and sales orders in near-real-time. This means your Sales team has accurate, trusted information when speaking with your customers on the go.


In addition, your employees can create a booking, order, quote, or prepay during a conversation at the farm gate with a customer. As a result, AGRIS Sales reduces your team’s time spent writing notes and converting their conversation into a quote. Furthermore, this leads to a more efficient and trouble-free use of your employees’ time and effort.

AGRIS Sales Order Management System Increases Efficiency

Provide a sales management system to your employees, so they can have more meaningful conversations with your customers. With AGRIS Sales, accurate inventory price, quantity, and position information is at their fingertips. Furthermore, AGRIS Sales allows customers to sign commitments quickly and securely. Plus, your team can capture remarks as they go!


Transparency of information is crucial. The AGRIS Sales system provides a dashboard for your manager’s quick visibility. This allows them to see each deal on a timely basis. Thus, allowing them to analyze and review discussions with their sales team before the deals get into the accounting system. ​By allowing your employees to enter and access customer info on their mobile devices, they are more productive, which ultimately increases your agribusiness’s profit.

AGRIS Sales-Sales Order Management

AGRIS Sales Order Management System

helps you:

Mobile AGRIS Sales
Enter sales commitments on the go
AGRIS app Client information
Access customer account information
AGRIS inventory positions
View inventory positions in real-time
AGRIS Sales commitment
Obtain customer commitments
AGRIS Sales app profit
Become productive and profitable
Increase Sales Efficiency with AGRIS Sales
Place the power of accurate information in the hands of your sales team and take the next step toward a more efficient and hassle-free sales process today. Request a demo and a member of our trusted team will be in contact with you soon.

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