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Enter grain contracts on the go

AGRIS Quick Contract Entry allows your agribusinesses to enter grain contracts on the go. When merchandisers are at the farm-gate, it is not necessary for them to have full access to AGRIS. Therefore, our team created AGRIS Quick Contract Entry, a risk and position identification system. Ultimately, this tool allows grain merchandisers to enter grain contracts into AGRIS while on their computer or mobile device. In addition, this solution is the answer to team members who are in the office and do not need full access to AGRIS. In other words, AGRIS Quick Contract Entry puts the power of AGRIS positions and contracts in the palm of their hand.


Enter Contracts During Conversations

In truth, using AGRIS Quick Contract Entry, merchandisers eliminate taking notes and entering the contract into AGRIS when they get back to their desks. Naturally, it eliminates merchandisers calling the office, and asking someone to enter a grain contract for them, before the prices change. All in all, AGRIS Quick Contract Entry improves the accuracy of grain contracts and supports a healthier bottom line for your agribusiness. 

AGRIS Quick Contract Entry

helps you:

RAPIDS mobile contracts

Enter grain contracts from any device

exchange pricing

View near-real-time positions

customer account info

See customer account info 

search contracts

Search multiple contracts 

risk and position

See positions in the palm of your hand

AGRIS Quick Contract Entry Contract workflow

How AGRIS Quick Contract Entry works when entering grain contracts

  • Merchandisers enter a contract in AGRIS Quick Contract Entry. At that moment, customer data pulls directly from AGRIS.
  • Then, the merchandiser submits the contract and AGRIS immediately begins its usual contract workflow.
  • Next, the contract updates the customer and inventory positions.  
  • At this time, the customer receives an email. In this case, the customer signs the contract using AGRIS eSign.  
  • After signing the contract, it automatically updates and stores into AGRIS with AGRIS Document Management
  • Lastly, the customer can view the contract at any time, with their MyGrower account or other customer portal. 

What AGRIS Quick Contract Entry users are saying ...

“It eliminates multiple data entries which allowed CPI to adjust our workload and increase the accuracy of our grain contracts.” – Bryce Johnson, Merchandiser
Enter grain contracts on the go with AGRIS Quick Contract Entry

By and large, you can’t hedge what you can’t see. If the markets move before a verbal contract enters your system, you are at risk. However, AGRIS Quick Contract Entry can help. To explain in more details, request a demo today and one of our team members contact you.

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