AGRIS Document Management

Digital Document Management System

AttachToo Digital Document Management

AGRIS Document Management is a digital document management system that attaches files directly to a scale ticket. Ultimately, it helps keep files safe, easy to access, and helps eliminate long-term document storage. AGRIS Document Management allows you to save attachments with a scale ticket.

About one out of every 20 paper documents are lost. We all misplace valuable paper documents. But now, you can store files and retrieve them without leaving your desk. Imagine the productivity you will gain. In addition to that, if you need a document from another location at your business, you don’t have to ask for someone to scan the document and send it to you. You simply retrieve the saved document in AGRIS, oneWeigh or a third-party ERP.

Today, we live in a digital world. Your valuable documents should be digital, too!

AGRIS Document Management

helps you:

Store single or multiple files with one click
View files in AGRIS, oneWeigh or 3rd party ERPs
File types can be images, scanned documents, or PDFs
Protect your business and reduce auditing time
When you print scale tickets, attachments can print too
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