AGRIS 21.1.0 Now Available

With the release of 21.1.0, Greenstone has focused on four primary areas within AGRIS:

1. Regulatory Updates

Adjustments were deployed to focus on COVID and federal policy changes. These updates included changes to Payroll Employee config, 1099 PATR and 1099 MISC reporting.

2. Over 50 Enhancements across the suite

These improvements focused on your feedback on how to improve workflows, transactions processing and switching focus quickly. For example, oneWeigh introduced over 20 improvements focused on startup, processing, and reporting performance to aid users in almost every phase of their workflow. Within the Commodity management system the use of the “Go button” was expanded to aid in transitioning to related tasks and warehouse receipts is now available to store within the AttachToo document management module. In Accounts Receivable bookings can now be added by Ship-To to simplify application in complex invoicing scenarios.

3. Data Integrations and APIs

AGRIS continues to expand integrations to 3rd party systems with a new integration to COMData – a PCI compliant Point of Sale / remote fuel system. With this release optimizations were added to our Agronomy API’s for tighter farm/field integrations as well as fine tuning of a grain automated hedging and merchandising solution scheduled to release later this year.

4. Technology Advancements

AGRIS has now introduced alert reporting that can be implemented within any Active Report, notifying users via email only when a condition exists. AGRIS users can now also tag “favorite reports” to simplify sorting for each reporting area.

At the 2020 customer conference, attendees were given a sneak peek into Greenstone’s ability to enable dashboard widgets that display graphs or details for the employees most important metrics.  With the 21.1.0 release this capability will be available to a limited group of companies for final feedback before general release later this year.  If your agribusiness would like to be part of our Innovator Group, this new feature will save your team time and shortens status checks on select focus areas of the business. Let us know today!

Agribusinesses like yours depend on the most robust software solution to power your success. AGRIS serves your agribusiness with meaningful advancements and innovative support.

These enhancements are all great additions to AGRIS, to simplify your team’s challenges to serve your customers.

Here are highlights of AGRIS 21.1.0:

Click on the Module title, to take you to the Confluence link for full enhancement details.

Accounts Payable

  • Enrichments made to comply with regulatory reporting and filling requirements for 1099 records.

Accounts Receivable

  • Bookings now support ship to and bill to provide flexibility at time of invoicing.

AGRIS Agronomy

  • Import CSV file or AGRIS file formats to populate farms and/or fields.
  • New Advanced report menu option to expand reporting capabilities for farms, fields, and formulations.


  • Interface: SmartSolutions POS system for C-stores and remote fuel pump management.
  • Email active reports alert pushes reports only when a condition exists.
  • Enriched the view and refresh of the contract news feed between AGRIS and Hrvyst platforms.


  • Apply from Storage improvements for Tickets and Delivery sheet handling.
  • “Go Button” added for quick switching when editing contracts.
  • DP receipts can now be saved in the AttachToo.
  • Multiple contract import business logic enhanced, when validating contracts.
  • Print contract price schedule from the maintenance grid.
  • Contract deferred dates selection can select multiple contracts to be extended at the same time.
  • Filter by Shipper ID when creating a delivery sheet.


  • Splitting line items now provide the user warning before updating split information.
  • Set lot as inactive when creating inventory stock manufacturing.


  • Standard Journal entry report added – “Ledger Trial Balance Spreadsheet”


  • Enhancements to Audit Log, Auto-ID, DRS, Driver License Interface, Forms Router, Load Order Selection, MB Interface, PLC Interface, Pit Router, Scale Setup, Self Check-In, Ticket Entry, Ticket Recovery, Bulk 780 have been made.


  • Comply with regulatory and filing requirements with the ability to populate box 8 of the 1099-PATR form and by totaling boxes 1, 2, 3 and 5.
  • Pass-Through Credits or Qualified Payment figures can now be imported for inactive NAME IDs


  • Adjust employee salary and wage by adding to salary, not deducting.
  • Ability to include COVID-19 sick pay and family leave in box 14 of W-2 and comply with payroll regulatory reporting requirements to COVID-19 pay.
  • Entry fields added on the W-4 form, section 3, Tax Credit for Dependents, to support employee wage information for US Federal tax calculations.


  • Ability to set and filter relevant or favorite reports by user.
  • Select multiple reports by location, identifiers, and description – then print all selected reports, preventing you from printing individual reports one-at-a-time.

Visit Greenstone’s Confluence site to see the prerequisites, highlights, technical information and supporting software to this release, as well as the link to download it.

AGRIS 21.2.0 is set to release late Summer 2021, with exciting improvements for ALL users! If you are interested in learning more or would like to become a part of our Innovator Group, we’d love to hear from you!