Accurate Data Helps Overcome Challenges
When it comes to your grain business, two of the most challenging opportunities you face are accuracy and timeliness. Without a doubt, both are essential to the success of your business. For this reason, ensuring that you capture accurate data, as fast as possible, is non-negotiable. As a rule, when you incorporate simple automation, it makes big improvements. For this reason, here are a few ways to overcome grain elevator challenges that you may be facing today. 

Ways to Enforce Accurate Data

Accurate Data with Ticket Creation

Automate Ticket Process

Automation means your operators will no longer manually enter data every time a repeat customer delivers grain. In fact, they will no longer create handwritten tickets. Instead, the customer’s data, already in the system, creates a ticket. Additionally, operators will no longer determine weights by manually calculating formulas.  


Automation helps your business: 

  • maximize efficiencies in freight costs
  • avoid overload penalties 
  • avoid expensive pre-printed tickets


In turn, this process is faster and maintains data accuracy, reducing manual errors. 

Grain Grading

Input Grades Automatically

When it comes to grading, your facility likely has a meter that samples grain and displays the grading values (test weight, moisture, etc.). If this is the case, these are the typical steps your operator takes: 


  • manually generates a ticket
  • manually samples the grain
  • manually enters the grade values into the ticket


Imagine if this entire process was automatic, instead of manual. When you use software to generate a ticket, it improves accurate data and grades feed automatically onto that ticket.  

Accurate Data during Harvest

Ensure accurate data, especially during Harvest

Think about having this type of automation during harvest. Namely, because it records the right information on the right ticket. This is especially important because you do not want to take any discount on grain that is below the discount tables, that begin taking dockage. 


A specific bit of information between the meter and software matches up and applies to the correct ticket. Automating this process can reduce the number of mistakes made when hand-recording the information. With this automatic process, the ability to track which grades are being applied to which tickets are very important. Any adjustments that are made within the software should have the ability to be tracked through an audit to find out why those changes were made. The software-generated ticket eliminates confusion and makes sure your growers get paid correctly. 

Take the Next Step – Strengthen your Data Accuracy

Serve your customers faster, with greater accuracy. Take the next steps to overcome a challenge your facility may currently be experiencing. If you’d like a better understanding of what incremental improvements can make an impact on your business, complete the form. Then, one of our team members will be in touch with you. 


Adopting full automation facility software, like oneWeigh, will bring your business to the forefront of technology. 

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