Our Story

Greenstone Systems is a provider of integrated agricultural accounting and management software. In addition, Greenstone is part of the Cultura Technologies family, which is owned by Constellation Software, Inc. (CSI), an international vertical market software organization. As a result, Greenstone is an independent software provider. Not aligned with or owned by any agribusiness industry suppliers. Furthermore, our sole focus is to form long-term partnerships with our clients, to deliver the powerful solutions they need for continued growth and success.

Ag Technology

Our Statements

To provide solutions to agribusiness that support their mission-critical transactions.

Deliver powerful and innovative software solutions to agribusinesses, to support their future growth and success.

To feed the world by delivering practical and innovative software solutions to salt-of-the-earth agribusinesses.

Greenstone Values

Our Legacy

Greenstone is a pioneer in the U.S. grain origination software market. In addition, our business is a stable provider with financial backing to invest in our products and services. All while making improvements and decisions based on the feedback from our customer relationships.


Our diverse team leverages decades of agriculture and software industry experience while sharing a deep knowledge base and passion for the customers we serve. We remain authentic and proud because of the legacy we carry through our core products while staying focused and growth-oriented to provide cutting-edge solutions for our valued customers.


Greenstone’s strategy for success is three-fold: to invest prudently in our core products, to enable our customers to maximize value from their investment in our solutions, and to grow our portfolio of solutions through acquisitions or in-house innovation.

5,000 ERP Users in US and Canada
  • < 10 Customer Locations
  • 11 – 50 Customer Locations
  • 51-100 Customer Locations
  • 100+ Customer Locations

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